Chapter 8 : Kylo Ren

Steadfast Destroyer,



The Resistance escaped.


Pryde is furious. His face is an unduly shade of red with anger, "They must have been warned! It was a fool proof plan! There is a traitor among us!"


Traitor? Can I be considered a traitor to my own cause? No, certainly not. After all, the First Order serves the Supreme Leader, not the other way around.


"Find the Traitor.” I order, with an unspoken threat hanging in the air.


Pryde regards me silently, before taking his leave and stepping out. Good luck with that! 


Now I can focus on who really matters to me.




I need to talk to her, I need her.


 I should look for her in the Force. We’re connected, there must be some way to control this link.


I recognize the Millennium Falcon.


Despite the separation of my par- Han and Leia, which happened when I was little, I would recognise those corridors, wall panels and windows anywhere.


Han may have only rarely taken me on board, but I can’t ever forget my last trip, the one which brought me to the Jedi Temple, which will forever be the line that separates my fairly happier childhood from the downward descent following Luke’s academy. 


Rey is alone. She watches the galaxy through the dirty trasparisteel window of the ship.


 I see Chewbacca and for a split second, and as he turns to me, I have the feeling that he sees me. But that's impossible, he is as force sensitive as a rock.


"I was expecting you," Rey said without looking back.


Her silhouette stands out affably in the darkness of the cabin where she has made herself at home. I find the sight very agreeable. 


The memory of her warm palm against my skin consumes me. All sense leaves me, my words die in my throat and I find myself incapable of speech.


Thank you, for warning us about the attack” she continues. “But, if you think I'm going to let myself fall for it, you underestimate me ."


Fall for it? For what ?


Okay, even if I don't know the reasons for her sudden temper. 


"If I'm here, it's because we haven't finished our conversation.”


The one where you tell me I'm supposedly Darth Sidious' granddaughter? I don’t think so, Kylo."


She doesn’t- she- I…


I have greatly underestimated her capacity for self-denial! It truly was a miracle she got off that junk planet she trapped herself on, if it wasn’t for the droid, she would still believe her parents were coming for her.


This woman is driving me mad.


"I didn't lie to you. I have no reason to do so.”


No reason except to get me to  join your cause,” she snips.


I sight. I don't know how to get her to admit the truth. Maybe…I could…


I walk over to her and reach for her hand, tracing her knuckles with the tip of my fingers.


"I know that somewhere deep inside you remember. I have felt it. I know it.” I gently thread her fingers with mine.


What are you doing?"


She doesn’t have much of a reason to trust me, but she does not shy away from my touch anyhow.


"I can help you remember.”


She pulls away, “Do you really think I'm stupid enough to let you inside my head!?”


“Why not?” I say defensively, “At this point, only one of us has tried to kill the other and that isn’t me.”


Of course,  dispatching your fleet in pursuit of us is a purely good-natured act on your part ... Just like our little meeting in the forest.


“Must I remind you of the time I killed Snoke instead of getting rid of you like he wanted? ”


Such goodness in your heart!” she snarks. ”I know about the Sith, Kylo. The apprentice kills the master, a rite of passage. You only spared me to be your scapegoat. Couldn’t have the First Order know that the current Supreme Leader killed his predecessor.”


She…she thinks I planned to do that! Yes, it was convenient to blame Skywalker’s apprentice, but that’s not why I did it.


I did it for her.


We stare at each other for a bit longer, and I hold out my hand.


Trust me, I silently plead across the bond.


She takes my hand and we are thrown into the Walk of Remembrance.



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