Chapter 3 : Rey






Such carnage… Such unrepentant massacre!


I see him as clearly as if he were standing in front of me. Camped steadily on his legs, the sword swiftly takes another life. Friend or enemy doesn't matter to him, only domination and death drive him.


But still…


 I can't help but understand it. He is so lonely, so sad, so abandoned. He did not understand how much the General loves him, how much she dreams of another fate for her only son.


Through his memories, I see Master Skywalker again, his sword brandished, ready to strike him dead. 


I feel Ben's terror and pain. 


I understand. This is the moment that made him turn to the Dark Side. What he will forever remember as his uncle's betrayal. 


What a shame. Deep inside me, I know that Master Skywalker would never have been able to strike down sister’s son. 


He was a Jedi and the Jedi are he guardians of peace and justice, they don't destroy, they don’t murder. 


Yes, he had hesitated, he had never denied it, but he would never have bought down his lightsaber on an innocent child, even less so  his nephew.


"Rey, I need to talk to you ..."


Finn. Again. Despite my efforts to avoid him, he keeps coming back. 


I love him very much but, I am afraid of hearing his confession. I fear he feels more than friendship towards me. I hope not, I hope that my intuition deceives me, but if it is not the case, I do not want to be forced to hurt his feelings. 


I am a Jedi apprentice. Romantic attachments are forbidden. However, even without this rule, I would never be able to return his affection. 


Finn is a friend, a kind of brother to me. He will always be just that.


"Where are we ? Have Chewie and Poe returned from their mission?”


“Not yet. But, Rey ... I have to talk to you ...”


“Millennium Falcon in sight! " a voice interrupts.


Under the effect of exaltation, Rose embraces Finn which emerges without softness.


 “Rose, we were in the middle of an important discussion. "


Rose's smile fades and I look away so as to not embarrass her any further. How can Finn not realize that she is in love with him?


"I see, forgive me for interrupting you," she replies tartly, before turning on her heels and walking away.


Finn opens his mouth, ready to speak, but I don't let him.


"They certainly bring important news, we’d better hurry up."


“Of course, Rey ... Let's go. "


His disappointment and resignation did not escape me. But it’s too late to back down.


Poe has a serious face when he steps down. Behind him, Chewie seems to carry all the misery of the galaxy on his shoulders. Something serious has happened, I can feel it. I follow suit as they rush towards the General.


"We need to talk to you, right now," demands Poe, white as a sheet.


Leia exhales a long sigh and signals them to follow her.


" What happened ?”


“The worst thing possible. Our informants warned us that a destroyer had destroyed Corellia. It has been wiped from the Galaxy. ”


Corellia, the planet where Han Solo was born…


At this revealtion, Leia Organa wavers slightly before recovering.


"Are you certain this is true ?"


Chewie responds with a sorrowful moan and Leia puts a hand on his hairy arm.


"At least, this news will not hurt him. Han would have been so sorry to hear that.”


“General, most of our fleet was hidden there,” a hint of despair permeates Poe’s usually confident voice.   


“Oh Mistress Leia, we have lost, lost!" laments C3PO, echoing what we all think without daring to say it out loud.


Finn clenched his fists.


"The Supreme Leader must be neutralized as soon as possible, the Resistance cannot allow him to continue his crimes!" "


The words come out of my mouth before I have had time to hold them back.


"It is not him. Kylo would never have done this!”


“It isn’t?” laughs Finn. “Do you hear yourself Rey? Of course it was him, who else could be crazy enough to do such a thing? "


I don't know how to explain to them where my belief comes from, but I'm sure Kylo is not the culprit. It is not him, impossible.


“The First Order does not have such a power, I argue in desperation. A superweapon capable of destroying an entire planet has not been seen since the Death Star.


“Rey is right,” intervenes Poe. “According to our informants, this attack was claimed by an organization which calls itself the Final Order."


Suddenly, General Organa jolts in surprise.


"Does that mean anything to you?"


“No, but ... I feel something…a great imbalance in the Force.”


"I have a bad feeling about this,” Poe mutters.


General ignores him and turns to me.


"Did you feel it too?" "


I shake my head negatively and swallow my saliva. I do not have the courage to admit to him that my bond with Kylo Ren is so strong that it destroys all my other perceptions of the Force. Frowning, Leia stares at me for a few seconds before turning to Poe.


"Take a little rest, I'll see what our allies can learn about this Final Order." "


Finn approaches me.


"I don't understand what's going on with you. You have changed. How can you stand up for Ren? What does it matter if he pressed the button himself or only gave the order? He is our enemy. "


He's starting to make me angry. A powerful rage surges through me.


"And I didn't know you knew me so well, Finn!" 


Finally, I want to say it to his face.


”that's what you think ... If you really knew me, you would know that I am not the type to condemn an innocent on simple presumptions!”


“An innocent? I can't believe you would say such a thing! The bastard killed his own father to join the Dark Side! Rey, he is a monster! He massacred the Jedi apprentices! Children!” he was shouting now.


"Maybe he had his reasons," I mumble before walking away.


I don't want to talk about Kylo with Finn, or anyone. 


They all hate him, condemn him, even Leia. After what I saw in his memories, I begin to understand what pushed Ben to the Dark Side.

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