Chapter 2 : Kylo Ren

Damn that scavenger! May she be consumed by the Light which she so vainly seeks to reach! 

She…she thinks she understands me? How dare she.


She has never had parents, what does she know about the pain of being exiled by her family, caged like a beast in the middle of other "padawans" without the slightest affection or the slightest sign of recognition on the part of an uncle who cannot be called "uncle" but only Master? 

I don't have a Master, I'm done with all that rubbish.

Damn Rey! Why does she have to keep worming into my thoughts? 

Why does she have to be a student of my- of Leia?

What does she see in her that she has not seen in me? This poor girl, this little wretch, she is nothing! 

Insignificant parents, ridiculous abilities and she has become the little protege, the "padawan" of Leia Organa? 

No, but let me laugh! What does Ma- Leia- think she is accomplishing by taking her under her wing? Does she really think this insignificant thing can stand up to me? This, this ...

Why do I have to keep thinking about her?

Why does she intrigue me so much? When will I get it out of my mind? Her looks lack refinement, she is of inelegant form and she never stops smiling with saccharinity that is revolting . 

She epitomizes everything I hate. 

I abhor her feigned compassion and her hazel eyes that with emotion. I retch at this forced kindness and her supposed concern for others. 

Why does she not understand that only order and power must exist in this galaxy? Why does she insist on fighting me when I can have her at my knees with a flick of my finger? 

Why do I hesitate so much to break the bond?

"Supreme Leader? "

Pryde ... This crude fool ... How dare he come to interrupt my thoughts?


I want to strangle him, no, gut him, plunge my saber into his belly and feel it sink into his soft flesh.

"There are rumours spreading ..."

Rumours? Am I supposed to care? I clench my jaw.

"And this concerns me why?”

“It is said that we, the First Order, have finally weakened, ready to be crushed by a power that many call the Final Order. "

The what? My fist tightens, almost in spite of myself. In front of me, Pryde arches, gasps, suffocates ... His eyes express abject terror. I release the hold of the Force on his windpipe.

"What are you talking about? What is this order?

“The Final Order is under the command of Palpatine. He's a Sith Lord. "

Seriously? He really thinks I don't know who Palpatine is? I especially know that he is dead, wiped out by the Force that ran through the veins of my grandfather, Darth Vader.

"Darth Sidious disappeared years ago, pathetic fool."

Pryde's derisive smile makes me want to explode it.

"In this case, why is it said that Exegol is about to send a fleet of destroyers to the galaxy?"

Exegol… the mythical planet of the Sith… Nobody knows where it is, or even in which system. 

Could there be some truth in Pryde's allegations? Would grandfather have failed? After all, it would not be so surprising, he was weakened by his traitorous son Luke… 

Pryde's face, a mixture of submission and triumph, cements my choice. I have to find Exegol and, if necessary, finish what my grandfather started. I will not let anyone get in the way of my supremacy.




My saber tears, cuts, wipes out ... Its red glow warms me. It is the sign of my power, of my superiority. Since no one succeeds in loving me, I still prefer to be feared. And, in this, I excel. I don't know who my enemies are, are they Leia Organa's minions? I doubt. Opponents? Knights in the pay of the so-called Dark Sidious? I don't care in the end. The only thing that matters is that I dominate them.

"What a savage brute ...  "

The disgust she feels strikes me hard. What right does she have to judge me? Who does she think she is?

"Well ...”

“Stop! Ben is dead, dead, you hear! He died when Han Solo and your precious Leia Organa exiled him to an overzealous and paranoid Jedi."

Why did I say that? What came over me? Where does this suffering that paralyzes me come from?

One of my attackers takes advantage of it and I have to dig deep inside to tear myself away from Rey's sickening compassion to counter his attack.

Tear, slice, wiped out. Be the strongest. The other collapses, reduced to nothing by the power of my sword.

Tear, slice, wiped out. Tear, slice, wiped out. No one is trying to challenge me now. My gaze barely touches the ground strewn with bodies. They don't count, they don't count anymore. Thanks to this Sith wayfinder I will find Exegol. Once there, I will destroy the Final Order. No obstacle will stand between me and my triumph. My reign. I will continue the work of Anakin, I will honour Darth Vader. I am his only, legitimate, heir.

"Anakin turned away from the dark side, Ben, he understood that it was not the right way. Because of Palpatine and the Sith, he lost Padmè. He almost lost Luke and Leia. But, at the last moment, he managed to find the path of Light. To save her son, to save your mother. It's not too late for you, please Ben, come back . "

What does she think she knows about my story or that of my grandfather? 

Can't she see how Luke Skywalker made a fool out of her? 

The virtuous, immaculate, wise Luke Skywalker ... A Jedi so exemplary, so perfect, that to consolidate his belief on the bright side of the Force he would not have hesitated to remove anyone standing in the way he had fixed. 

I remember that night. I remember the green glow of his lightsaber above me. 

I remember my fear, my sorrow, the sting of betrayal when I realized that my uncle had come to kill me. 

All because he feared my power. 

Luke always made sure to destroy those who did not espouse his doctrine, his pseudo-purity, those who were more powerful than him. 

An impostor, a fanatical hypocrite ready to do anything to proselytize those weak enough to listen to him. Like Han Solo... Like Leia...

They left me to him.

They left him all the power. Because Luke was so powerful ... the Force lived in him, he was the Force. NO, Luke, you were nothing! You fooled Anakin, you knew how to take advantage of his weakness, his need to be loved, his desire to protect his family. And, faced with the same choice, you did not hesitate. You would have sacrificed me if the Force in me was already no more powerful than it ever was for you.

 All this in the name of the Jedi. of his need to be loved, of his desire to protect his family. And, faced with the same choice, you did not hesitate.

 You would have sacrificed me if the Force in me was no more powerful than it ever was for you. All this in the name of the Jedi. of his need to be loved, of his desire to protect his family. And, faced with the same choice, you did not hesitate. You would have sacrificed me if the Force in me was already no more powerful than it ever was for you. All this in the name of the Jedi.

"Luke made a mistake.  Everyone is makes mistakes, Ben, but there is always a way to come back. "

I see her as if she were standing in front of me. She is all dressed in white, the Jedi uniform. However, this vision does not revolt me as much as I would have thought. 

Her gaze is filled with sadness. 

Why? Why is she refusing to join me? I don't want to be her enemy. 

I want her. I want to strip her of those infamous Jedi tinsel. 

I want to touch her. I want to feel her skin against mine. 

I want her.



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